Sophisticated technology and simple installation: FSP-H façade system

The PV façade system from Schweizer is characterized by sophisticated technology, high quality and durability. The modern design of the FSP-H also allows a high degree of design freedom and creates a high-quality building aesthetic. Based on standard supporting structures for façades, the system enables quick installation and easy cabling of the modules.

Available from 2025 (available in Switzerland for pilot projects)

> Flyer PV facade system FSP-H

MSP-PR-RA – die neue Ära des PV- Montagesystems auf Schrägdächer

The load distribution of the MSP-PR-RA is designed in such a way that part of it is transferred to the roof tiles in a controlled manner via high-quality PUR elastomer (in accordance with DIN 45673-5) without any major stress. Thanks to the surface-mounted design, the number of anchoring points using roof hooks is significantly reduced.

Available from 2025 (available in Switzerland for pilot projects)

> Flyer PV mounting system MSP-PR-RA

Made in Europe: Solar roof tiles from Schweizer

The solar roof tile from Schweizer is an innovative solution that combines traditional roofing and the use of solar power in a single system. The solar roof tile replaces conventional roof tiles and integrates seamlessly into the roof structure. High module output: 95 Wp per element / 186 Wp m2.

Available from late summer 2024

> Flyer Solar roof tiles

The ingenious sheet metal seam clamp for metal roofs:

The newly developed sheet metal seam clamp for seamed sheet metal roofs can be fitted quickly and easily without destructive penetration. The clamp is designed to withstand the immense pressure and suction loads experienced during snow and wind. It has DIBt approval and is CE compliant. Employing a simple stainless steel saddle (MSP-PR-SCC 40), the metal seam clamp can also be used on copper roofs.

Available from July 2024.

The innovative roof hook for pitched roofs:

The new roof hook for all tiled roofs and snow load zones combines the vertical and horizontal functions through a reversible plate. The roof hook itself is designed so that a single screw is used to clamp the profile rail and simultaneously adjust the height. The suspension technology for rails has been simplified, making installation handling even easier. This further development brings a qualitative improvement in tensile load and pressure, and fewer hooks are also required for each roof.

Expected to be available from autumn 2024.

Longer support and insert profiles for pitched roofs:

In line with the market trend towards larger PV modules, the profile length has been adapted. All short insert profiles for the MSP-PR Inlay pitched roof insert system and support profiles for the MSP PR pitched roof system and MSP-PR Inlay are now available with the longer dimension of 3.55 m.

Available immediately.

Optimisation of the Solrif PV in-roof system range

End skirts:
End skirts are now available in 300 mm and 450 mm versions (in 5 m rolls), with colour variants being red, black and grey. Optimised application options enable time and material savings.

Expected to be available from August/September 2024.


Eaves profile (picture):
The new eaves profile also saves time and is easy to handle as profile clips are no longer required. With optimised colouring, it is now also available in black.

Expected to be available from August 2024.